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Call for papers su "Populism and contemporary democracy in Europe. Between old problems and new challenges" - Abstract entro il 20 dicembre 2020

The conference is one of the core activities of the Horizon 2020 Project ‘DEMOS. Democratic efficacy and varieties of populism in Europe’ and will be the occasion to present the scientific results of the first two years of the project. Organised in partnership with the Venice Commission for Democracy through Law, the advisory body of the Council of Europe in constitutional matters, and the Grupo de Estudio sobre Democracia y Constitucionalismo (GEDECO) of the University of Barcelona (Project “Counter Majoritarian Instruments in the Constitutional State (PID2019-104414GB-C32, Minister of Science and Innovation)) of the University of Barcelona, the conference aims to reflect upon the challenges posed by populism to constitutional democracy and the institutions of the rule of state, in particular on the counter-majoritarian ones, and how these challenges should be dealt with. The conference will provide a forum for DEMOS scholars to engage in a debate with the wider academic community about the impact of the populist phenomenon on European democracies. Moreover, the presence of the Venice Commission experts will provide an insight on the way populism is affecting constitutional law making and how European standards are adapting to it.


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